“The Digital Ink” is the publication produced by the 2016 Walter Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute. Walter Cronkite’s SJI features 27 accomplished high school journalists around the world. Be sure to read about all these remarkable journalists here.


Whether you call it convergence or transmedia it’s all about telling compelling stories to a diverse audience, using multiple tools, across multiple platforms.

In early June, twenty-seven select high school journalism students arrived at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication eager to demonstrate that traditional forms of media can and should do more than collide or simply co-exist.

Led by a select team of industry professionals they collaborated with each other, connected with the community, created content and communicated with their followers around the world.

These are their stories.

A generous thank you to all of the sponsors who have enabled these students to attend this prestigous institute: